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EUROBIKE SHOW is coming. We are very welcome your visit to our booth.


Click here is the booth location website link for you.

See you there!


Sognando il Giro ft. IRC TIRE

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Venite alla scoperta dei segreti tecnici sviluppati dal team con IRC Tires questo e molto altro: sabato ore 12.30 su...

Posted by NIPPO Vini Fantini on 2015年7月3日


Sognando il Giro featuring NIPPO VINI FANTINI

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The story of Nippo Vini Fantini about how they arrive to Giro d'Italia. (1st scenario)


Giro d'Italia with the fair play team award !

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There were so much great drama in the Giro d'Italia.
They well deserve praise.
IRC TIRE is proud of all your effort during this fantastic event.

nippo stage 21 podium.jpg
copyright: Nippo Vini Fantini


Giro d'Italia is coming soon!

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camp giro.jpg

Before Giro d'Italia, the NIPPO Vini Fantini team has just completed the last training camp in Italy.

Here is the course map of Giro d'Italia :

Giro parcours.jpg

Team roster will be announced shortly!